Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gods House

Trying to explain something as abstract as religion to someone who has FAS is impossible, but then again if you look at it from their view maybe it is easier to understand.

Grandma was here and attended Sunday Mass with us shortly after Hanna had joined our family. Hanna was being rather loud even though she was doing her best to be quiet so Grandma told her that she needed to be quiet in Gods house. Well Father Phil will never be known by that name according to Hanna. He will forever and always be God. Now we have tried to explain that there is a difference between a parish priest and God to Hanna over and over again and it just is not going to sink in so we will just let him be God.

I am not sure what we will do when Father Phil moves or retires or whatever. Will we have someone else named God or will we be able to give the guy a different name?

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