Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hanna has been "caught" twice today. No she was not really doing anything naughty, she was just being herself.

First thing this morning we noticed that she had blue and green strings hanging off her braces. The strings had come from her blanket which she tells us she never chews on. Getting the string out of the braces was a job for Rene` since she had braces and knows what to do I just let her handle this one. The next time Hanna tries to tell us that she does not chew on things we had better take a look in her mouth to make sure of that.

This afternoon Lauren had speech and physical therapy so Rene` and Hanna rode along with us and while I took Lauren to therapy they went to walk around a near by mall. When they went to the bathroom Hanna who was wearing a skort some how caught her skin in the zipper. Rene` said that she screamed very loudly which brought mall security officer into the bathroom. When the lady officer saw what was happening she just shook her head and walked out.

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