Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Ball Game

Rene` and I took Allen to the Minnesota Twins baseball game. He had a blast as he always does. It is not often that we get to take him anywhere by himself so when the time comes to have fun he goes all out. Allen is by far the kid in this family who is most severely disabled. He never whines, begs, or asks for anything, he has not had a tantrum in public in years, and he can have fun doing the simplest things. Allen moves only at Allen pace and as long as you work with that he will be fine.

Today at the ball game he sang the National Anthem, clapped and cheered when appropriate, and sat in his seat without complaint. He shared a bottle of Diet Coke and a bag of Cotton Candy (what a combo) with Rene`. The Twins lost the game and that makes no difference to him. On the way home he fell asleep in the car to make the ride home peaceful as well.

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