Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have given myself an assignment this morning. I need to do one of those things that I really do not want to have to do so I better get at it first thing this morning and get it over with.

The classroom assignments are now out for special education preschool which Paul attends. He really enjoys riding the bus, and playing at school. It is a program that he needs to be in and has been very good for him. This year he was assigned to the afternoon group which creates several HUGE problems.

1. If he is in the afternoon group at school then he will not be able to attend the occupational and speech therapy that I battled insurance for months to cover so that he could be in it. This therapy is only offered in the afternoon so it can not be changed. All logic says keep him in therapy and there will be less therapy for the school personal to worry about. Besides that I did not spend all of that time filling out forms just because I enjoy filling them out.

2. I would have to sit him down for lunch at 10:30 in order for him to calm down and eat and then have time to get outside for the bus by 11:10

3. The PCA I have helping me on Tuesdays and Thursdays would have to work a split shift and change her class schedule in order to do it. I don`t that is going to happen so Mom would have to cover Paul supervision and get nothing done on those days.

4. We all (school and home) would be dealing with a little boy who does pretty well with a lot of structure and routine, completely off schedule. When this happens there will be H*** to pay. He is not able to be at his best so will not be able to learn all that he is able to learn at school and the activity level at home will sky rocket.

Now I hope that the school system will see the benefits of putting Paul back in the class that he has been in for the past eighteen months. It would benefit everyone especially Paul.

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