Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Going It Alone

Yeah, the way things worked out today I am going it alone with the four younger kids.

Dad is of course, at work getting "money for his pockets" as Paul puts it on a daily basis.

Karre has four and a half hours of swim practice today and also a pizza party with the swim team too.

All of the PCAs are unavailable to work today except the one who has worked the maxim allowed hours for the week.

Lauren, Allen, and Hanna had school this morning as they are involved in a jump start program for kids who have trouble with transitions. That left me here with Paul

When everyone else is gone he is glued to me no matter what I try to do. I along with my wonderful help tried to fold a load of laundry but he kept putting the clean underwear on his head and said they were his hats. After I had confiscated all of the underwear hats he took two towels to wear for coats. Finally I gave up and will not get the usual three or more loads of laundry done today.

We then went outside and I started removing the weeds that have taken over the front garden patch. Since it has rained a lot and the weeds came out easily, I did make some head way with the weeds until my helper pulled Trevor's pepper plant out, oh well I guess I won`t have to freeze them. I picked some tomatoes for lunch but quit when the helper picked a very green tomato and started eating it. It did not taste to good because he was spitting it out all over the place.

The other three kids came home at lunch time so I fed them and thank goodness for cartoons. They will give me a few minutes to re-group. I have a haircut appointment for Hanna, that I had scheduled a while ago assuming that I would have help today to deal with everyone else. This will be real fun as Hanna can not sit still while getting her haircut and I will have to bring all three of my wonderful helpers along too.

There is one good thing about days like this, that is I am really tired when they are done and I will sleep well tonight, that is if Hanna can keep quiet.

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