Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Falling Apart

After twenty-five years of married life some things just start falling apart. Most of the small appliances and kitchen things here were given to us as wedding gits or they were things that we inherited as we left our parents homes as young adults. Now it seems that everything is needing to be replaced or repaired at once.

The four slice toaster has become a two slice machine which really slows things down here in the morning so it needs to be replaced.

The waffle iron is not heating so unless eating the batter cold their is no point in serving waffles.

The computer in the microwave will not let you run the microwave unless you first re-set the date and time, then it might cook your food if you talk to it real nice and cross your fingers in hopes that it will keep running until the food is done. We just need a new one.

The couch and love seat in the family room is so worn that it will not come clean any more. Allen and Hanna have been making holes in the cushions, and torn the trim off of it. We either need to recover it or get a new set. We have not yet decided what we will do with that.

The vacuum cleaner has been around the block a few to many times. We will get a new one and since Jared needs one he will get the old one if he has any brains at all and wants to save the $$$
on buying a new one. This one will work well enough for him for awhile.

We will be doing our part to help the economy out when we take a little shopping trip this afternoon.

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