Thursday, August 27, 2009

In Karre`s World

In Karre`s world, the world of a normal, intelligent, creative, sweet, sixteen year old, things are a little different from what life is like according to Mom. It is so funny to listen to her when she gets ranting about things. Last night after the other kids had been organized for bed Karre and I went shopping.

First we stopped at the sporting goods store as she needed some new swim caps for practice. The one she has she says is making her look like an old lady as it makes her forehead wrinkled. I tried to explain that no matter what type of cap she wore her head might be wrinkled after spending four and a half hours in the pool every day. Anyway I got her the caps and a new swim suit to be put away for vacation as the four she has are being used for practice and yes. they look just awful. They are sort of a brownish gray and no longer have any shape to them, but they can be worn to practice since all of the other Chlorine queens have suits that look exactly like Karre`s.'

Next we went to the grocery store where I really embarrass her because I bring along the reusable grocery bags. I have twenty of them and they are all folded neatly and stuffed into one. According to Karre it is embarrassing to have to go coupon shopping but using those bags is even worse. I thought that her generation was into recycling, but I guess not. She wanted to pick out the cereal because the stuff I buy is bad. Its mostly Cheerios or Frosted Mini Wheat's. What she picked out was Raisin Bran, now I figured that she was thinking something a little less healthy but here again Mom is wrong. Raisin Bran I will buy, no problem.

I embarrassed her just one more time on the excursion because my mini van is just so soccer momish. Well I have never had anyone in soccer so I can`t really be a soccer mom and this van is the one I have because it is one that could be converted to transport Lauren`s power wheelchair. I told Karre that the soccer momish van would have to do today when she wanted to drive to the high school for swimming or she could walk.

She said "I can live with being embarrassed a little bit".

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