Sunday, August 9, 2009

When They Grow Up

When they grow up they leave and come home and leave and come back again. This weekend most of the stuff went back to college with Trevor. He is a residence hall assistant (RA) so he needs to get back early to train in the new staff. He will keep track of Rene`s stuff until she gets there in a couple of weeks. It is really nice that they decided to attend the same college and it is the one where I got my degrees from as well. (No we did not pressure them into going there).

They did not take everything though. It seems that our house is a storage facility for their stuff. We have boxes and boxes of it hidden away every where from the basement to the garage. Keeping their stuff keeps them coming home. They also come back to work some PCA hours as money is something college kids never have enough of and then there is the food. They like it when Mom bakes and sends cookies and snacks back to school with them.

I`ll hang on to the stuff as long as they need it here. As I always tell them when they are going out the door "learn everything, have lots of fun, and I love you".

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